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Muriel Law is my Aunt. I found this very interesting. I've traced the name back to John Wyrill b 8 01 1797 d 29 05 1851 m Hannah Bolton B 1808 m 28 08 1830 d 1878 , the research continues , there is also the Scarborough Wyrills they were seafarers, with links to Australia

Posted by Neal Wyrill on 30 December 2021
Isabella Halder/Holder
Isabella is my 4th gt grandma. Marriage bans list her last name as Holder, then living in Bradford, but all census records state she was born in Stillington in 1813. I have traced a family called Halder with births to John and Rosamund but unfortunately the parish records for 1813 are poor or missing so can't confirm Isabella as one of theirs. Can anyone help please?
Posted by Eastwood on 14 January 2021
David Smith 1815-1895
Greetings from NZ. My 2 x great grandfather, David Smith (Blacksmith) was born in Stillington to William and Ann Smith. I would love to know if there are any records of David Smith's family in the village. David married Ann Goodrick and moved to Terrington, remaining there until his death in 1895. My late father, Jim Barlow told me that David was the Blacksmith in Stillington, but I have looked through this site and his name isn't mentioned as one of the blacksmiths, so he may have learned his trade after leaving the village. If anyone has any information on the family, I would love to hear from you.
Kind regards,
Jane Smelt (nee Barlow)
Posted by Jane Smelt on 22 August 2020
Souter Family
I must say what an interesting web site you have set up.
My father was born in Stillington on High St . The family for many years had the Grocers shop in the village and lived at the Laurels. As I have been looking into family history I wonder if anyone could tell me when the shop changed hands from the Souter family.
Any other information about the family would be useful. I know my Grandfather was the eldest of 7 children.
Posted by Brian Souter on 16 April 2020
Knowlson Family tree info
What a delightful site this is!
My grandfather was Sydney Frank Knowlson & I know he lived in the area & would like any info or photos anyone may have on his family & ancestors. Thanks
Posted by Kate Underhill on 11 March 2019
Hi Kate. My Grandmother was Annie Knowlson, born 1884, daughter of Frederick Knowlson and Elizabeth Morton. The family came from Stillington and she had loads of brothers and sisters. I have their names. What year was your grandfather born? Liz
Posted by Elizabeth A Watts on 14 June 2020
Hello both,
It's nice to find some other Knowlsons! My great grandmother was Annie Elizabeth (b1879, Thirsk), daughter of James, granddaughter of Francis.
The only Fred I have so far was my great-granduncle but he was born 1881.
There must be a link somewhere!
The amount of detail on the website is great - a lucky find.
Posted by Anna Porter on 08 May 2021
Hugill, Jennings and Tenniswood Families
I was so pleased to find your fascinating website.
My grandfather Frederick Jennings married Fanny Isabella Tenniswood. His father was the George Jennings who was farm bailiff to H Croft and had worked his way up to that position from illegitimate and ag lab. I believe my grandfather owned several properties in the Stillington area and find myself wondering if his father acquired them on sale of the estate? Do any of your readers have any information.
One such property was Holly Cottage, Stillington which he rented to his sister in law Martha (Pat) nee Tenniswood and her husband Thomas Hugill. My mother told of grandfather's annoyance on discovering they had chopped down the holly! I would love to know which property this was, if it still stands.
I have a photo of Thomas standing at an easel with brush in hand if there any Hugill descendants reading this.
Alfred Tenniswood the farmer and carter was my great grandfather. There are news paper reports of charges and accidents relating to drink and he died after falling from his cart 'under the influence'. He had eleven surviving children including my grandmother, the three eldest girls remained unmarried and both Alice and Elizabeth were hospital nurses, I have a photo of them labelled Leeds General Hospital with wounded soldiers in WW1 - perhaps they deserve a mention in the wartime page?
I would be very grateful for more information about the Tenniswood family.
I've just found an undated photo of Stillington Hall slightly different to those you have online, do let me know if you can use another.
With best wishes,
Pamela Hardman (nee Jennings)

Posted by Pamela Hardman on 25 August 2016
Fascinating reading this. Fanny Isabella was my great aunt. Her brother Francis James Tenniswood was my grandfather. He married Eliza Jane Poulter in 1909 in Alne. I have a photo of Francis James, I too have read the newspaper articles re Alfred being under the influence. His father was John Tenniswood (1785) who married Jane Houlston from Helmsley. The photos you have of Thomas Hugill, who married my great aunt Martha, and also Alice and Elizabeth at Leeds General Hospital would be of great interest to me. Martha and her sister are on the opening of the village hall photo in this archive.
Posted by Elizabeth Dawson (nee Tenniswood) on 22 February 2017
Great to make contact Elizabeth. I think that makes us 2nd cousins? I would like to see Francis James photo. He is prob on my grandparents wedding photo. Can you email me and I will send what photos I have.Also I have Tenniswood family further back and that of our mutual great grandmother Isabella Tenniswood nee Horner from Coverdale.
Posted by Pamela Hardman on 19 March 2017
Thompson Family
I was delighted to find your website, as was my Father. My Grandfather is Donald (Donny) Thompson and he and his brothers and sisters are on several of the photographs on this archive.

Donald met my Grandmother Eliza (or Jean as she was known by most - long story) when he worked in York at Bootham Hospital as a gardener. He used to be a gardener at Stillington Hall. They moved to Harrogate and had 2 sons, Michael and David. Both Michael (my Father) and David are still well and living in Harrogate where they have lived all of their lives and are both Grandfathers themselves now. My Father has vivid memories of Stillington (I too remember visiting as a child).

Kind regards

Ruth Sprowell (nee Thompson)
Posted by Ruth Sprowell (nee Thompson) on 04 November 2015
Donny Thompson was my uncle, my dad being Bert Thompson,and I remember Michael and David along with Uncle Donny & Aunty Jean coming to visit Aunty Rene in Stillington where I still live.
Posted by Margaret Gabbitas on 05 April 2017
Dear Margaret

I have only just read this post which you commented on a year ago. I along with my sister are coming to Stillington on Friday, 13th April. My Dad Michael has been in touch with cousin John. It would be lovely to see you if you are free even though I appreciate this is very short notice.

Best Wishes

Posted by Ruth Sprowell on 12 April 2018
What a wonderful website. I am 85 years of age and was an evacuee at Stillington Hall for 3 and half years. I was most pleased to see the article from Anthony and Ambrose Richard re their stay at Stillington Hall and totally agree with their story. The Alexian Brothers were excellent members of that Catholic order and my stay at Stillington Hall certainly made a man out of me. Our guardian Jack Burke certainly did a good job looking after us. One of my late brothers was also evacuated with me. We were firstly evacuated to a family at Sutton on Forest but after three months we were transferred to Stillington Hall. I have been back a couple of years ago and was completely surprised that the hall had been demolished. Today I don't think it would have been allowed. The farm buildings that we were billeted in are now houses apart from a part of the yard which was used by the Manson family. I remember the Manson lads when I was there. Also I went to see the old mill and was pleasantly surprised to see how wonderfully it had been transformed into a lovely home. I had many a happy time playing on the dam. I have a photo of all the evacuees which was taken on the green near the village hall.I was also surprised to see the village blacksmith's shop which was opposite the village hall and is now a beautiful house. I don't think there will be many of those evacuee lads still alive today. I have tried to get a photo of the Hall over the years but have not been successful so if any one knows were I can get copies of the photo's that are in your archive then I would be delighted.
Thank you Stillington for some lovely memories.
Syd Draper
Posted by Sydney Draper on 11 August 2015
Greenwoods of Stillington
Hi, what a great website you have. I'd like to introduce myself and share my story.
My Great (x5) grandfather was Thomas Greenwood, recorded as a Yeoman of Stillington in the Baines Directory of 1823. He married Elizabeth Wood in 1776. I also have his will, which lists all the Greenwoods in Stillington. From my researchs I think most of the family moved to Foston, Appleton Le Street and my line to Bulmer.
His daughter Mary, married Thomas Wright in 1795, and they stayed on in Stillington for a long time.
Does anybody have my info on these families, I do see the Woods were still around until very recently. I also wondered why Thomas Greenwood wasn't listed in the Farming part of this site, must be different records.
It would be great to swop family stores with a knowledgeable person of the history of Stillington.
Posted by Tony Greenwood on 08 March 2015
I have an Elizabeth Wood born 30/8/1748 at Stillington dtr of William Wood in my family tree -she died 10 May 1800 wife of Thomas Greenwood, cause of death decline. She would be my 1st cousin 7x removed -IF I've got the connections right.Prior to mid to late 1700s I can't be certain if my Wood line came from Stillington- they are the Woods of "Woodville" the large house on Stillington green -builders. Family folklaw is they came to Stillington to work on Stillington Hall and stayed eventually building Woodville house. There are Woods here though back to the 1600s and as you pointed out we still live in Stillington today!
Posted by Elaine Collins on 10 April 2015
Good Morning,
My ancestors were farm workers in Stillington for quite a number of years. Thomas Charlton was born in the area (Marton) in 1807 and married Isabella Scaife in Stillington in 1831. The family gradually migrated down to Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution. Thomas's ancestors who went by the name of Carlton lived in the Stilllington from at least the 1600's. If anyone can give me any further information about the Carltons/Charltons in Stillington, I'd be very grateful. Merry Christmas.
Posted by Shaun Charlton on 17 December 2014
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