07 May 2015
New Page!

A new page has been added to the site - on the Domesday Book - the primary source of information on England in the 11th Century.

Commissioned by William The Conquerer at Winchester at Christmas 1085 and written in Latin by Anglo-Saxon clerks, this document is essentially a tax census. It contains information about who was Lord of each manor and who owned it at the time of Edward the Confessor's death (5th January 1066) ; its worth in tax terms in 1066 and 1086 ; its inhabitants; what land is arable, meadow or pasture and in use; if the manor is waste, which was a major problem in Yorkshire due to the harrying of the north in 1068/69 and subsequent years of cattle murrain accompanied by famine, and in some cases interesting additioned information such as the size of the manor and its major tenants.

This page is the first in a series we will be publishing on the early history of Stillington, Marton and Moxby.

Follow the link to view the page: domesdaybook.asp

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